Me (at time T).

Hi, I’m Chad – thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

I recently finished my Masters in philosophy at the University of Melbourne.

My thesis was on questions about, surrounding, and involving, well-being. Such questions include, ‘what, if anything, is ultimately good for a person?’, ‘is a good life nothing more than mental-states?’, ‘is an experience machine better for a person than reality?’ and, ‘is the goodness of a life, for the person living that life, merely the sum total of moments within that life?’.

I’m also happy to report I have my very first manuscript accepted for publication. The manuscript – ‘Experience Machines, Conflicting Intuitions, and the Bipartite Characterization of Well-being’ – will be published in Utilitas.

Presently, I am applying for PhD programs in the US and UK,  and working on a software startup designed to help resolve environmental concerns, welfare of populations, and economic burdens on individuals.

My research interests include (in no particular order) wellbeing, ethics, epistemology, aesthetics, luck, and AI.

You can find my academic work here.


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