Me (at time T).

Hi, I’m Chad.

I recently finished my Masters at the University of Melbourne (supervised by Daniel Halliday and Karen Jones).

My thesis advanced a novel theory of wellbeing which I called the poker-hand account. I argued wellbeing is a two-dimensional phenomenon, meaning a person’s welfare can be ‘going-well’ and ‘doing-well’ depending upon circumstances. I suggested such a theory of welfare had upshots for different philosophical problems within the literature, including arguments over Nozick’s experience machine, the shape of a life phenomenon, and the status of objective-list theories.

Presently, I am a sessional tutor of philosophy at the University of Melbourne. I am working on my PhD applications and a software startup.

My research interests include (in no particular order) wellbeing, ethics, epistemology, aesthetics, luck, and AI.

You can find my written work here.


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