About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is pretty straight-forward: to have a public space to put out rough ideas of problems or topics that I find interesting. Specifically, philosophical subjects such as well-being, ethics, epistemology, aesthetics and social-political philosophy.

Most (if not all) of the articles published here will be directly or somewhat related to my research Thesis; that what we traditionally take to be the subject matter of well-being can be split into two distinct categories: Doing-well and Going-well. The remaining pieces will most likely be short summaries of papers, books and commentary on other things I find of value.

My general rule in philosophy (and much of life) is simple: no idea is set in stone.

While I may strongly hold some views while vehemently rejecting others, I think it is an essential character trait of a good philosopher (or inquisitive person) that they do not take their beliefs as dogma. Our views can – and should – be challenged, and by willing to entertain the possibility being wrong, we allow the possibility of dialogue and advancement for ourselves, others, and the ones we care about.

And the title of this blog – The Philosophers Quarry – hopefully reflects this rule: that, regardless of how solid the foundation appears to us, or how impossible digging deeper might seem, we can always, with great effort, dig a little deeper.