About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is pretty straight-forward: to have a public space to put out rough ideas of problems or topics that I find interesting. Most of those topics are philosophical, such as value theory, ethics, and epistemology.

I am becoming more concerned with the increase in populist and fascist thought in the West, and am starting to critique the “Free Speech Crusaders” , who are predominately found on Youtube (and other social platforms), influencing demographics that the left has somewhat forgotten about or are particularly vulnerable to the Jordan Peterson, Richard Spencer, and Alex Jones of the world.

My general rule in philosophy (and much of life) is simple: no idea is set in stone.

And the title of this blog – The Philosophers Quarry – hopefully reflects this rule: that, regardless of how solid the foundation appears to us, or how impossible digging deeper might seem, we can always, with great effort, dig a little deeper.